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June is Dairy Month


June is Dairy Month


Dairy Month isn’t just about cow’s milk and products – it’s about recognizing the versatility of the whole aisle and the endless delicious and nutritious choices it brings to the table. While the dairy aisle is home to traditional everyday staples we count on like butter, milk and eggs, it has expanded tremendously, providing new innovative items and flavors fit for every lifestyle or health and wellness goal.

Whether you’re plant-based, dairy-free or looking for creative meal solutions, the dairy aisle offers flexibility and a wide variety of trendy possibilities. If you have dietary restrictions or are seeking new flavor profiles, you can find a range of alternative options in the dairy aisle, such as almond, soy or oat milk, as well as vegan yogurts, cheeses, dips, refrigerated juice blends and more diverse selections.

It’s also a dependable aisle for those seeking convenient quality options. You’ll find several selections of perfectly portioned snacks that are easy to grab and go. Not only are these ready-to-eat options creative and flavorful, but they’re also filled with nutrients. Single-portion snacks like yogurts, cheeses, protein bars and hard-cooked eggs provide a protein boost for any time of day and will satisfy kids and adults alike! Various other items also contain calcium, potassium and vitamin D, which help build bone mass, protect heart health and enhance immunity.

The dairy aisle showcases today’s healthy culinary trends with authentic products utilizing fresh, simple and real ingredients, from convenient snacks and small bites to creative casual meals and easy-to-make and eat treats.

Celebrate National Dairy Month by using modern dairy products in the unique, flavor-packed recipes on the next page, and explore the quality, fresh and innovative products stocked in this versatile aisle all month long!

Debra Heverling
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