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Back-to-School Tips
Back-to-School Tips

Back-to-School Tips

The pandemic taught us all how to adapt, as it brought numerous changes to our day-to-day lives. One change included fueling ourselves with ingredients that nourish our bodies, mental health and immune system. Whatever form back to school takes – whether in-person, virtual or hybrid – use these tips to help your kids transition back to school filled with wholesome ingredients that taste good and make them feel good, too!

Fuel with Each Food Group
Including each food group in every meal is unlikely, so strive to achieve a balance across the day or week to provide the body with essential nutrients that promote physical and mental health.

Ready, Set, Routine!
Consistent routines help children thrive, especially after a year of numerous changes. Set scheduled meal and snack times during the day or after school and include time to get outside for a great stress reliever.

Savvy Snacking
When meal planning for the week, consider snack options, too. Our snack recipes on the next page make a nutritious, kid-friendly breakfast or lunch when consumed in the right combinations.

Leverage Your Leftovers
Love your leftovers for lunch! When preparing dinners, make a double batch or extend recipes with whole grains, veggies or beans to yield more servings and reduce lunch-packing stress.

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