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How to Build Your Best Charcuterie Board
How to Build Your Best Charcuterie Board

How to Build Your Best Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are the ultimate appetizer, presenting a combination of delicious bites for every palate. Whether for the holiday, game days or special gatherings, it’s worth knowing how to build boards that satisfy any crowd on any occasion.

Experimentation is key to charcuterie boards, so get creative and have fun. Use the following components as inspiration to create your best board every time.

Something Meaty: Cured and smoked meats are the stars of charcuterie boards. Feature smoky salami, melt-in-your-mouth prosciutto, or spice things up with pepperoni, sopressata or hot capicola. No matter which meat you choose, plan for one to two ounces per person.

Something Cheesy: Make your board sing with a variety of cheeses. We recommend at least three types; think stinky, smoky and tangy. Whether it’s blue, Gouda and goat cheese or Gorgonzola, mozzarella and havarti, use a mix of cheeses with different textures, flavors, types and styles.

Something Crunchy: It’s easy to add craveable crunch to your boards. Start with crispy carriers for your bold charcuterie bites. Everything from toasted sourdough and ciabatta to multigrain crackers and crostini will make your board deliciously cohesive. Craving more crunch? Go nuts with protein-packed almonds, walnuts, pecans or pistachios.

Something Fresh: Lighten things up with fresh elements. Berries, melons, cucumbers and cherry tomatoes are perfect for summer boards, while winter boards give citrus, grapes, carrots and dried fruits a place to shine.

Something Pickled: With intense flavors, pickled elements bring the party. Add sliced pickles, cornichons, olives (green, black or both), pickled onions or sun-dried tomatoes.

Something Spreadable: Spreads add contrasting tastes and textures that help bridge any flavor gaps. Try tasty spreads like hummus, dips, cream cheese, mustards, jams or preserves; choose one or set out a sweet and savory duo.

Something Sweet: Balance out all the savory flavor with a touch of sweetness from treats like chocolate-covered pretzels or candied nuts.

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