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It’s a Wrap

It’s a Wrap

It’s a Wrap

The start of a new year is also a great time to start making healthier choices for the whole family. When it comes to kids, it can be hard to get picky eaters to also eat healthy. By packing your child a healthy lunch, you’re helping them get on the right path for healthy eating later in life. Wrap sandwiches are a fun alternative to the classic sandwich, especially for younger children.

Over the last few years, wraps have turned up in every food venue with virtually every combination inside. There are so many wrap flavors to choose from now – it makes eating lunch more exciting. Why not come up with your own signature combination with the kids? You just may have yourself a winner!

Here are a few healthy suggestions:

> tomato, cucumber & hummus on a zesty garlic herb wrap

> cream cheese, shredded carrots, apple & raisins on a multi-grain wrap

> smoked turkey, grape tomatoes, Swiss cheese, basil & low-fat mayo on a garden spinach herb wrap

> peanut butter, sliced bananas & honey on a multi-grain wrap

> turkey, avocado, turkey bacon, tomato & light ranch dressing on a spinach wrap

> chicken breast, Cheddar cheese & BBQ sauce on an original wrap

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