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Creative & Easy Breakfast Toppers
Creative & Easy Breakfast Toppers

Creative & Easy Breakfast Toppers

Want to make-over a mundane morning routine? Change up breakfast with a sprinkling of the right ingredients. By adding the perfect finishing touches you can reinvigorate breakfast and pump up the nutrition at the same time.

Berry Boosters
Whole grains and cereals are a breakfast mainstay. Elevate your grains by topping them with fresh, juicy berries. Try strawberries on cereal, blueberries on oatmeal or a berry medley with syrup atop a hot stack of pancakes.

Toasts with the Most
Packed with vitamins, minerals and healthy fats, avocados have become the trendy star spread on toast. But you can expand beyond avocado toast to try other creative toppers such as smoked salmon, red onion and cucumbers; ricotta cheese, pine nuts and chives; or cream cheese, walnuts and cinnamon.

Egg-Citing Eggs
Scramble up your egg options and banish boredom! Add chopped veggies and fresh herbs to omelets, scrambled or over-easy eggs, or toss on pesto or kimchi for added layers of flavor. Sprinkle cheese, crumbled bacon or chopped ham over eggs for a protein and flavor boost.

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