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Healthy Habits to Nourish Your Well-Being
Healthy Habits to Nourish Your Well-Being

Healthy Habits to Nourish Your Well-Being

Kick off the new year with healthy habits that nurture your mental, emotional and physical health. Instead of grand goals, make small changes to create more sustainable, long-term healthy habits.

Simplify with Meal Planning
While it takes effort, planning and prepping meals in advance saves you time and money and helps you eat healthier. Build this worthwhile habit using these quick meal prep tips.

> Pick & Prep Protein: Whether your protein source is from meat, dairy, vegetables or whole grains,
prep a few options ahead of time to use as a foundation for dishes throughout the week.

> Prep Produce in Advance: It may be time-consuming, but peeling, deseeding and chopping produce ahead of time can cut a solid 20 to 30 minutes out of your meal prep. When possible, prep fruits and veggies right when you return from the store; it’ll help you maximize freshness and flavor of your ingredients and save time in the long run.

> Cook Grains & Legumes: Grains provide protein and other essential nutrients while keeping you full and satisfied. Cook varieties like brown rice, quinoa or lentils and store them in the refrigerator for three to four days. Toss grains with veggies, beans and your favorite sauces for quick and easy meals.

Move More
Moving your body more boosts energy, reduces stress, enhances memory and improves overall health and wellness. To build a better relationship with movement, engage in activities you enjoy and find meaningful. Whether it’s walking, biking or dancing, add any form of movement into your routine that you find fun and fulfilling, and turn up the challenge over time.

Prioritize Rest
Our brains aren’t designed to be endlessly productive; time spent resting can make you more productive. Rest reduces stress, encourages motivation and boosts your immune system, and it doesn’t just happen while sleeping. Whether it’s a nature walk, digital detox or deep breathing exercise, regularly check in with your senses to gift your mind and body with the type of rest they require.

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