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Cookin’ with Fresh Herbs
Cookin’ with Fresh Herbs

Cookin’ with Fresh Herbs

Enhance any dish, from breakfast to dessert, with fresh herbs using these ideas to infuse bold new flavors.

Cookin’ with Fresh Herbs - Dill


A member of the celery family, these feathery fronds taste like a cross between celery and fennel. Popular across Europe and Asia, dill brings depth to pickled vegetables like “dilly beans,” pairs wonderfully with poached or smoked salmon, and adds flavor and volume to fresh salads. You can even garnish dishes with dill’s edible yellow flowers!

Cookin’ with Fresh Herbs - Parsley


More than just a vibrant garnish, this flowering plant native to the Mediterranean is a staple of European, Middle Eastern, and Brazilian cuisine. Mildly bitter, parsley brightens the other flavors in savory dishes. Use as a garnish for potato or rice recipes, or combine with capers, anchovies, garlic and vinegar for Italian Salsa Verde – delicious on grilled meat.

Cookin’ with Fresh Herbs - Cilantro


This herb is widely used in Asian, Caribbean and Latin American cuisines because its distinctive lemony flavor meshes well with spicy dishes. Use the leaves for fresh salsas and Indian curries, and save the stems for infusing cocktails! Blend stems and leaves with water, fresh lime juice and honey, then mix in a shaker with tequila for the perfect margarita accent.

Cookin’ with Fresh Herbs - Basil


With fresh, clove-like flavor, the Greeks referred to this versatile herb as the “Herb of Kings.” From pasta sauces to seafood and vegetables, and an essential in Mediterranean sauces like pesto, this herb enhances the taste without overwhelming. Try making your own infused olive oil – tear the leaves off and purée in a blender with the oil until smooth. Store in an airtight jar or bottle for up to 1 week.

Cookin’ with Fresh Herbs - Mint


Cool, refreshing and easy to grow, this sweet herb enlivens lamb, fruit dishes, baked goods and desserts. Its invigorating flavor can also be experienced in drinks such as the classic mint julep or mojito. For an easy, fun summer snack, toss a mixture of chopped fresh mint, feta cheese, olive oil and lime juice with fresh-cut watermelon.

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