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Finding the Benefits in Frozen Foods
Finding the Benefits in Frozen Foods

Finding the Benefits in Frozen Foods

Frozen foods carry a stigma of being packed with preservatives and less flavorful than fresh foods, but that’s far from the truth.

Freezing is a long-established method for preserving food. Fresh doesn’t equal more nutritious or more flavorful! The quick freezing process maintains quality, nutritional value and flavor without using preservatives. Seafood that’s frozen within hours of being caught contains more of its natural flavor and nutrients than fresh fish at the market.

Harvested before fully ripe, fresh produce items take weeks to travel from farm to store and are sometimes artificially ripened in transit. Fruits and vegetables intended for the freezer are picked at peak ripeness, washed and prepped, then flash-frozen within hours of harvest at facilities close to the farm. This process locks in nutrients and ensures nutrient-rich, farm-to-table frozen foods are available year-round.

Another key benefit of frozen products is that they last longer than their fresh counterparts, making them more economical. You can store frozen items without feeling rushed to use them. There are thousands of trendy, chef-developed, kitchen-tested, flash-frozen prepared items that suit a variety of tastes. On nights when you don’t feel like prepping an elaborate meal, turn to frozen selections that are already cleaned, chopped and ready to cook. They’re also perfectly portioned to offer convenience and reduce food waste.

During March, Frozen Food Month, consider how frozen foods can make life easier and healthier!

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