Are “Bowls” the New Plates?
Are “Bowls” the New Plates?
The smoothie bowl, breakfast bowl, macro bowl, Buddha bowl, and quinoa bowl trends have taken the world by storm. These colorful one-bowl-wonders serve as an easy-to-make platform to get all the nutrients and energy you need in just one meal. This trendy spin on MyPlate is one that I hope will continue to thrive.

Bowl meals usually contain a combination of grains, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables, and either beans, meats, egg or another type of protein. The best part is, regardless of which type of bowl you choose to enjoy, all are filled with health-promoting nutrients that can keep calories on target while giving you much-needed nutrients.

Although many choices of raw and cooked ingredients are “healthy,” it’s important to practice moderation for high-calorie items like nuts, seeds, avocado, and oils

Debra Heverling